Why is it so convenient to invest in digital out of home?

Out of home advertising vs. printed paper

Outdoor digital signage or not, advertising today means showing your product better than the competition. More corresponding to the needs of a specific target, if we want, but we are still talking about showing it in the best possible perspective. From this point of view, it should not surprise the success that the world of digital outdoor is having in terms of results and investments by large corporations.

The reason lies in the evolution of the media. Newspapers and printed paper are the past as regards not only information but also advertising. This is due to the long process that requires a paper billboard to be created, printed, brought to various locations and then exposed. Without mentioning costs and transport time, employees’ work in replacing the old billboard with the new one or the unfortunate eventuality that due to a typo you have to redo everything from scratch.

Digital OOH: the faster solution

All things that do not happen with a digital out of home strategy. Yes, there are installation and management costs (each year lower)[1]. They need software to load the content and due to climate factors they also need to do maintenance. But that’s all. Digital displays allow you to create and upload your content and send it simultaneously to all the thousands of devices installed in the various branches of your business. They allow you to automatically change promotions or menus multiple times throughout the day without having to drive employees crazy. In addition, they are more brilliant, eye-catching and therefore even more performing.

Which translates into better ROI.

Digital out of home vs. other media

There is no feud between digital signage displays and other media. We have seen how it is better to advertise with digital display solution than with printed paper, but we do not want to suggest that it is even better than digital and television promotion.

However, it should be said that for every dollar that we invest in digital signage we calculate a return of $ 2.80 in sales. And that’s a ROI bigger than the usual media system of advertising [2], although traditionally one tends to invest more in print and TV than digital OOH.

The truth is that the best results are obtained from the skillful combination of TV, online and digital out of home, especially with regard to brand awareness and customer satisfaction. If online and television promotion can inform someone who is totally unaware of it about a product, a store or a service, digital displays can accompany him in the most important phases of purchase in the store, providing more information and details or suggesting some form of upselling. Other elements that are useful for increasing ROI.

Race to the future lies in digital display solutions

Social media and smartphones have launched the world in an even crazier race than ever in technological evolution. And the really crazy thing would be if advertising do not take the right advantage for its purposes. The traditional advertising billboard can be replaced with a digital display that can interact with customers not only through apps, but through a touch screen, webcam and microphone, guaranteeing even greater immersion in brand and in its way of seeing the world.

With these tools, it is up to managers and his collaborators to decide what kind of experience they want to offer their customers through the interaction with the content provided through the outdoor digital signage but one thing is certain: the first in their industry to use this promotion system will be those that will be taken as a model of digital signage advertising for the following years.

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