Interactivity: The Outdoor Display Solutions’ Ultimate Weapon

Out of Home Advertising represents the last step of the advertising evolution

Outdoor Display Solutions do not just ‘happen’. The biggest challenge for commercial activities has always been to entice passers-by to enter and use their services. This is why over time we have strived to find increasingly innovative solutions to attract attention, from big advertising signs to illuminated ones, up to modern Outdoor Digital Signage systems. In between, we passed through the comical figure of the person in a hotdog or ice cream costume, which is ultimately an attempt to create interaction with passers-by and to hand out leaflets about menus or about products and promotions. Which is what modern Outdoor Display Solutions are doing – with far better results – in more recent times, allowing large chains to effectively advertise their products, and to convince people in doubt to enter their stores. All with a considerable saving of time and money. And you do not need a degree in Street Promotion Hot Dog Dressing to understand this is what everyone is looking for in Outdoor Digital Signage.


Interaction For Everyone: How Outdoor Digital Signage Facilitates Sales

The best Outdoor Display Solutions allow to show real-time advertising and menus in all shops or restaurants of a franchise simultaneously, proposing prices and promotions for products and food, and changing them at the exact moment they need to be  updated. This means employees no longer have to go change the blackboard with prices as needed and can instead focus on serving customers better and faster. But the advantages of Outdoor Display Solutions are not limited to this. Thanks to the addition of speakers and webcams, they allow you to hook a whole slice of potential customers cut off from the interactivity race up to now. We are referring to people who are blind/visually impaired, who are deaf or hard of hearing or with a speech/communication disability. Using these Digital Signage Solutions as a portal to commercial activity, such customers can communicate and interact with your business in a much easier and immediate way, obtaining the information they need thanks to specific software and aesthetic/mechanical devices. At drive-thru, for instance, they can communicate directly with the operators in charge through specific additional devices.

Interactivity in Out of Home Advertising also means allowing the digital devices of customers or passers-by to interact with these machines in a completely new and unconventional way: the so-called Internet of Thing. How much more willing would you be to enter a shoe store knowing they already have the exact model, color and above all size you are looking for? What if an app allows you to customize shoes to make them even more unique?

Modularity Is the Key of a Good Outdoor Display Solutions

The first thought after these considerations is that the best monitor in the world is the one that has already incorporated the largest number of technological gadgets, but this is not how the world of Outdoor Digital Signage works. You may be spending a fortune on the most technologically advanced monitors and having to change them after a few years because they have become obsolete due to some new technological invention that will change the world. No one has a crystal ball for this kind of foresight. Fortunately, there is a solution and it is called “modularity” and “future-proof design”.

What does “modularity” mean?  For GDS, modularity refers to both the ability to easily create multiple configurations from the same display “core engine” as well as the ability to quickly service the display in the field by replacing single components.  Our outdoor displays can be configured as a single or dual wall-mount or hanging display, as well as in a single or dual Totem (kiosk).

Thanks to the advanced diagnostics that are built into each GDS display, if any internal component does fail, the monitor will report that failure and allow a single technician to replace and repair the display while it is still mounted, saving time and money, ultimately bringing the display back to 100% quickly.

The open design of the GDS displays also allows the ability to embed any third-party component, such as a PC or media player or other device inside of the display.

This modularity design of the GDS display is what sets us apart from every other manufacturer and is what drives the longest Total Cost of Ownership possible for your investment.


With Great Outdoor Display Solutions Comes Great (Thermal) Responsibility

All these Out-of-Home Advertising implementations involve new problems that have never arisen before. It has in fact been discovered that monitors that involve the use of a touchscreen, if exposed to direct sunlight without a protective canopy, can in some cases cause first or second degree burns to the unfortunate customers who use that monitor. It is normal for a working display to overheat, and if it takes a particularly hot day and the sun the risk of doing damage rises. Fortunately, there is a solution to everything. This is why GDS offers an Outdoor Digital Signage Solution that always manages the thermal protection of its monitors, while also avoiding burning passersby’s fingers. The idea is to entice them to enter, not to not to cause them any injury’!


You Have to Find the Best Out of Home Advertising for Your Business

Outdoor Display Solutions ultimately enable you to connect with your customers on a level never before possible. We must be cautious and not throw ourselves immediately on the first proposal that seems good to us, or we can regret it bitterly. Especially when there are budgets of hundreds of stores at stake. Finding a modular and customizable monitor, that also allows you to install any type of operating software without problems, is the best solution. That’s why, when it comes to Outdoor Display Solutions, GDS has the answer to all your questions.