How Digital Signage displays can increase Customer Experience and raise Brand Awareness

ROI is important, but ROE is fundamental in any out of home advertising

It’s very easy to talk about outdoor displays from the point of view of the return on investment, thanks to the metrics and the accuracy of the data supplied to us. Yet the real game to win the heart and mind of the general public is played in the field of return of engagement, especially regarding digital signs.

We’re not just talking about entertaining the crowds in the queue or advertising the latest news in the catalog. In the age of the Internet of Things, in which we are all connected among ourselves through a large number of devices and in different ways, thinking of an outdoor digital signage display strategy means planning step by step the relationship that is established with each individual client, which goes from online advertising, to street signs, accompanying him by the hand inside the store, in his choices in the aisles, to the checkout.


In DOOH customer experience is the key to success

What’s better than a large touch screen monitor to attract the attention of a passer-by? You can make him interact with your products even before he sees them for real, at the same time make known or increase brand awareness. And a digital display solution is not limited to this, as announced before. A digital sign allows a small shop to make customers interact with a greater number of products than they can display on the shelves, showing them every possible variation of colors and materials.

It also allows you to provide a different type of support and assistance: without running the risk of making salesmen look too insistent or intrusive, a totem with a digital signage display gives everyone the opportunity to independently explore the characteristics of a product, succeeding also to provide technical support remotely via video.

Take as an example this video filmed in a drive-thru, where a webcam connected to an outdoor LCD display allows a deaf-mute customer to relate with Starbucks service and place her order.

A future proof solution for digital signage displays

If how to relate and fascinate customers is the result of your studies and marketing analysis, creating digital out of home display thinking of customer satisfaction already has a practical answer: modularity. We’re talking about a system that allows you to change any defective element in the digital display totem, without necessarily replacing it altogether. This, in addition to a substantial reduction in the total costs of ownership, offers great possibilities in the field of customer experience.

The possibility of fighting aging of digital signage displays replacing only the monitors marked by time, allows customers to interface with a series of outdoor displays that have no differences in colors and brilliance, immersing them in the user experience brands and physical stores have to offer, without affecting the wow factor you want them to have.

It also fights the built-in obsolescence, the programmed deterioration of internal components that would force to replace the totem altogether, without regard to environment, running costs and of course the customer experience.

Being able to change every single element of your outdoor displays also makes them future proof. In a constantly evolving digital market, we do not have the ability to predict what the best performing video formats will be. Switching from screens from 45″ to 46″, then 47″, allows you to keep up with the times but also to implement other features such as touch screen, microphone, speakers and webcam depending on your needs.


Some statistics for digital out of home ROE

If at the beginning it was said that it would be easier to measure ROI instead of ROE, this does not mean that there are no statistics to prove how convenient it is to invest in an out of home advertising strategy.

It turns out that people care so much about their experience in a store that 55%[1] would be willing to pay even more, just to have a better one. 75%[2], attracted by a digital signage display, not only enter the store, but will speak positively to a friend or relative of that experience. And these are just some of the discoveries you can make when you start to get interested in return of engagement related to digital signage display world.

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