The Future of Retail is all about Flagship Stores and Brand Experiences

Stand out from your Competition with Digital Displays

Nowadays it is natural for brands in the retail environment to wonder how to remain competitive in this marketplace. Acquiring new customers while retaining loyal ones is one of the main goals. It is also the driver of future investments.

Investing in product development and correct labor is crucial, but retailers cannot avoid investing in technological equipment. Being digital is an industry standard.

The current situation of the in-store layouts of many shops and hundreds of indoor screens are the result of this standard. Nevertheless, this has not always been the right vehicle to achieve the highest results.

A retailer who really wants to stand out in an environment where so many brands are competing for customer attention should think not only in terms of indoor digital signage. Finding a new vehicle allows targeting new customers by catching them when passing in front of the store and invite them in. Such a medium must be attractive, engaging and exciting – all of which high-performance displays can propose.

In-window displays for the retail market are an ideal way to engage with new and existing customers. Nevertheless, the challenges and risks of digital LCD signage must be taken into consideration. What often seems like an easy and quick solution, does not help to drive more traffic in the long term.

The first thing your customers see as they enter a retail environment will set the tone for the rest of their shopping experience. Only with an impeccable impression, the customer will proceed to actually try your product or service. Front window digital displays allow the flexibility to deliver dynamic, timely and relevant content with a big impact, helping you to stand out from your competition and also create e real return of investment.



The Challenges of Digital In-Window LCD Displays

The shop window is a challenging setting since several external factors impact the ambiance and consequently the output of your digital signage. Buyers need to be aware of the risks they are taking when making quick, cheap, or badly informed decisions.

First of all, standard LCD screens are not designed to be placed in a front window. High ambient light in the shop window, for instance, often interferes with the performance of digital displays. Industry-standard screens do not work perfectly in case of

  • direct exposure of solar radiations
  • variations of daylight
  • harsh artificial lighting
  • overheating of internal electronics

All these circumstances lead to black spots, condensation, decreasing brightness, and washed-out or unreadable content – even shortly after the newly installed unit.

Consequently, all of this can negatively impact the first impression of your brand and result in poor customer engagement.


Design with Purpose: Out-of-Home Advertising

To overcome these issues, the retailer needs to trust a supplier with expert knowledge regarding the right technology in challenging environments. This is obviously influencing the return of investment since only the correct product can lead to increased engagement.
The retailer needs a technology that allows the product to provide an ideal display performance even in high ambient lighting. A solution to display information even in direct exposure to sunlight, especially if the customer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Most of the brands investing in digital signage are looking for a medium/large deployment that can be installed in several of their shops. Nevertheless, the store windows are not identical, since the reflection of glass and the dimensions of the window are different, and also the available space changes. And, a standardized solution cannot fit individual requirements in the installation site.

Consequently, the retailer needs a solution that faces both of the previous challenges. A solution that belongs to a product family, so it has the same technological features in all the models to maintain the same level of performance. And also, it has the same look-and-feel kept on all the sizes of the product range to give the possibility to adapt every screen based on the dimension and location of different stores while keeping a coherent brand image.



Digital Signage for the Retail Sector

Through the LUMEN range, GDS aims to provide a solution to the specific requirements of the in-window retail environment. In order to be a part of the in-store interior design, you can customize the backside of the LUMEN according to your needs.

At GDS, we are specialized in creating an impeccable displays experience to best support our customers, whether in indoor, outdoor, and harsh environment installations. On top, we deliver an individual solution that sets you apart from your competitors, offering a tailor-made product that catches the customer’s attention while keeping in mind your brand and delivering first-class quality

Are you scared about the difficulties that come with installing or servicing an in-window screen? Are you concerned about managing the contents and the marketing results that come from it? Discover LUMEN, the in-window dedicated solution, customizable in terms of aesthetic, mechanic, functionalities, devices, and future proof.



Are malfunctioning displays a concern for you?

How is the big competition in the retail environment impacting your business?

Are you looking for a different store window display?

How concerned are you about the longevity of your in-window solutions?

Read more about in-window digital signage technology or get in contact with us to talk about an individual solution to fit your business needs.

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